Euro 2012

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  1. Stefano Schivari

    Stefano Schivari

    groups for euro '12

    Poland, Greece,CzechRepublic, Russia
    Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Portugal
    Spain,Italy, Ireland, Croatia
    Ukraine, England, France, Sweden

    it's too early for do any prevision but i think that group B have four big teams,Bram's team and Germany will have not an easy life.Group D,i think it's hard just becouse England and France have to play against Ukraine and you know play at home could be a big help.
    Group C Spain it's still the best team with Netherland imho,italy could be the surprise i think but ireland and croatia are not to underrate.
    Grop A well belanced imho.

    here the draw schedule

    Friday 8 June 2012
    #1: POL v GRE, 18.00CET, Warsaw
    #2: RUS v CZE, 20.45CET, Wroclaw
    Saturday 9 June 2012
    #3: NED v DEN, 18.00CET, Kharkiv
    #4: GER v POR, 20.45CET, Lviv
    Sunday 10 June 2012
    #5: ESP v ITA, 18.00CET, Gdansk
    #6: IRL v CRO, 20.45CET, Poznan
    Monday 11 June 2012
    #7: FRA v ENG, 18.00CET, Donetsk
    #8: UKR v SWE, 20.45CET, Kyiv
    Tuesday 12 June 2012
    #9: GRE v CZE, 18.00CET, Wroclaw
    #10: POL v RUS, 20.45CET, Warsaw
    Wednesday 13 June 2012
    #11: DEN v POR, 18.00CET, Lviv
    #12: NED v GER, 20.45CET, Kharkiv
    Thursday 14 June 2012
    #13: ITA v CRO, 18.00CET, Poznan
    #14: ESP v IRL, 20.45CET, Gdansk
    Friday 15 June 2012
    #15: SWE v ENG, 20.45CET, Kyiv
    #16: UKR v FRA, 18.00CET, Donetsk
    Saturday 16 June 2012
    #17: CZE v POL, 20.45CET, Wroclaw
    #18: GRE v RUS, 20.45CET, Warsaw
    Sunday 17 June 2012
    #19: POR v NED, 20.45CET, Kharkiv
    #20: DEN v GER, 20.45CET, Lviv
    Monday 18 June 2012
    #21: CRO v ESP, 20.45CET, Gdansk
    #22: ITA v IRL, 20.45CET, Poznan
    Tuesday 19 June 2012
    #23: ENG v UKR, 20.45CET, Donetsk
    #24: SWE v FRA, 20.45CET, Kyiv
    Wednesday 20 June 2012
    No matches
    Thursday 21 June 2012
    #25: 1A v 2B, 20.45CET, Warsaw
    Friday 22 June 2012
    #26: 1B v 2A, 20.45CET, Gdansk
    Saturday 23 June 2012
    #27: 1C v 2D, 20.45CET, Donetsk
    Sunday 24 June 2012
    #28: 1D v 2C, 20.45CET, Kyiv
    Monday 25 June 2012
    No matches
    Tuesday 26 June 2012
    No matches
    Wednesday 27 June 2012
    #29: W#25 v W#27, 20.45CET, Donetsk
    Thursday 28 June 2012
    #30: W#26 v W#28, 20.45CET, Warsaw
    Friday 29 June 2012
    No matches
    Saturday 30 June 2012
    No matches
    Sunday 1 July 2012
    #31: W#29 v W#30, 20.45CET, Kyiv
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  2. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld
    Founder Staff Premium

    Germany and Spain have the best teams in my opinion. They play very attractive offensive football and unlike the Dutch they can score good results by playing like this.

    We unfortunately have to use a more defensive style and put all our money on our forwards and offensive midfielders to make a goal.

    Going to be an interesting championship. Too bad those matches are really really far away. We dutchies are located in Charkov which is a 3100km drive (lol).
  3. Stefano Schivari

    Stefano Schivari

    a good way for try the new car :)

    btw yes germany play well too,Dutch have many players that i love Van Persie,Sneijder,Van der Vaart and i like Afellay too,Dutch did a great world cup one year ago.
  4. Georgios Davakos

    Georgios Davakos

    Oh I can already see Greece saying good bye to any chans on going through for the Euro 2012. :(
  5. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Group A is a gift for all teams involved, leaves it wide open for any of those 4 to qualify.

    Group B on the other hand is the highlight of the draw for sure, Germany vs Netherlands.. wow that's a semi-final/final tie right there.

    Going to stick my head out here and say Germany vs Spain final, with Germany taking the win in the end.
  6. James Chant

    James Chant

    My money is on Spain!