ETS2 nearly killed me !!!

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  1. Mark Reynolds

    Mark Reynolds
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    Oh dear oh dear, I have spent too much time playing this game now, enjoying it a lot, but the game caused me to do something I would not dream of doing normally........

    I was coming up the A1 (in the UK) at around 4am yesterday morning on the way back from a delivery at Tesco in Peterborough, returning to Stobarts in Newark, about 1hr away, nice cruise no hassle at that time of night, pedal to the metal and chugging along at 56mph, suddenly from the edge of my peripheral vision I notice a Barn Owl coming from right to left across the front of me, Instantly I see we will collide :(

    Now as it was quiet (ie zero other traffic around at that time) in normal reality I would have stepped on the brakes a safe amount to avoid a collision, or maybe a gentle swerve (but believe me a VERY GENTLE SWERVE !), but no, reflexes take over and dipstick here goes for a full blown yakker on the steering wheel, needless to say the whole combination had a big tank slap for a moment, the consequences do not bare thinking about !!

    Maybe make it sound more dramatic that it really was, but when you drive these things in real life you have golden rules, one golden rule is never to do sudden large weight transfers, never swerve for wild life, and always be gentle with the controls, else you are probably going to die, and maybe kill some other poor soul in the process !

    The only thing which saved me was the fact I was running empty, and the excellent Scania / Trailer idiot driver control system, I have driven these things for 13 years on and off and never done such a bonehead thing before, playing this game has clearly subconsciously influenced how I driving the real deal, time to get back to reality I think !!

    We live and learn eh, one for the experience book and thankfully no harm done.

    The Owl lived btw :)
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  2. Marcel vd Aa

    Marcel vd Aa
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    OMG... That is a bizar story. Luckily nothing bad happened.