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ETS 2 improvements since UKTS

been playing UKTS few days now and had really a chance to notice the diffrences, and the so much improvement in ETS 2. Sometimes it's also just the smallest things that makes the diffrent.

It all began when ETS 2 demo was over, or as it was written "your jurney ends here". I got so complicated in checking the chippest offer in Ebay and on steam, I decided meanwhile I shall play some previous trucking, I chose UKTS.
Just continued my career there and soon became a freelance driver, so had the chance to finally visit Scotland so I drove to Aberdeen and back to the southside. That's what I noticed:

*Graphic and scenery in UKTS is good, but, at least in south and centre Britian, it feels like the scenery repeats itself, and I see the same things over and over again. Actually that was the main problem with much of these trucking games. I thought that in Scotland things will get better, but what I saw is just a river and some houses and ...the same trees I saw before. Only in Aberdeen I got impressed as I saw two castles which was very beutiful. The road on way and out of Aberdeen is also kind of fun to drive.
In ETS 2 however, had the chance to drive in NL and I was very impressed , graphic in the game is of course much better and I saw so much things on the way. Amazing water, a ship, a symbol of molecule on the highway, tunnels (which are also in UKTS), and in general- a) better graphic b) much more invested scenery and less feeling of repeating itself.

*Physics and weight of truck/gravity influence
After playing the ETS 2 demo I had that strong feeling that truck really maintains its speed as closer as in real life (although never been a real truck driver but had the chances to witness how trucks killing themselves to stop at a red light, with heavy loads on their back). So I did a test in ETS and ETS 2- see how much time takes for the truck to stop from 40 kmh, when leaving the gas peddle. I got to same result in those two games- the truck comes to 2 kmh (it never fully stops) in about 30-40 secs- and exactly the same number for the two games.
"OK, I still feel the diffrence" I thought to myself.
But the real deal and the whole physics and gravity changes for good in ETS 2 I felt, was while playing UKTS in downhills. Truck was slowing down! no brakes used!
"Like it attracted to the skies" my friend said.
In ETS 2, at downhills the truck would run itself down, just like that. Just as I guessed and as it's so logical to happen in realife, when you send heavy stuff on wheels at a downhill.

*Road signs
In UKTS, except for road signs which show where to go in order to come to the cities (and SOS signs in tunnels), there is nothing more. In ETS 2 there is addition of signs that shows 300,200 and 100 meters (or other measuring in UK) before and interchange or junction.

*Speeding cameras
In UKTS I was speeding and getting fines with no cameras in sight. They was invisible. In ETS 2, there is cameras very visible and even a camera warning sign beforehead, just like it is in my country and surely yours!!

*Curners taken with my truck
In UKTS I could take curners at the interchange and so (and some really heavy curners) with the cruise locked at 55 mph. At the exits from highways, when there is a bit of a downhill and then a T junction, I can take the curner left with just a bit pressing on the brakes for half a sec and right then throw my truck into the curner, it'll still do it. How come? because in UKTS the truck slowing down itself while curnering. It's just sad.
It ain't happen in ETS 2. You got to use the brakes real hard, and sit tight before every hard curner.

*Speed of turning the wheel
In UKTS- wheel is turning instantly. In ETS 2 -much more realistic- wheel is turning in the game slow- truck's wheel is big and have a high number of circlings.

other is less annoying it's the incabin gps and better camera incabin which turns more.
As for now that's what I remember. If I'll remind in more stuff I'll write here. I think I should really find a good deal and buying ETS 2 already.

Roie from Israel.

Origin is the post I posted in truckpol: http://truckpol.proboards.com/thread/73232/ets-2-improvements-ukts#ixzz3QmMn0yeP