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Skins ESPORT Formula 3 Series 2.0

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Doug62 updated ESPORT Formula 3 Series with a new update entry:

No update! read why.

Two thing have happen.
The S397 update. This broke the mod (Skins Pack) so is no longer works.
Second is my PC died! I hadn't backed up all the skins for this mod so I only have 4.
I'm unable to install the mod to rF2 because the original version number no long matches. If I could get the Mas from the rfcmp I could up date but I haven't worked out how if possible to do that.

End result; To update I'd need to rebuild it from scratch, paint the liveries, rebuild all the logos.
Because it's a...

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Sorry to read you lost your work! :(

But you can easily extract the rfcmp using QuickBMS for example. However, I've done that for you and you can grab the MAS here.
Thanks Sven.
I have the files thanks to Brototype via PM.
I have them working in game and have the screenshots I need for the icons. Been set up for transparent backgrounds. Just need to start saving them as per livery - name. Then I'll need to resize them a further 4 times.:(