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Error with AI line track in offline racing

Hello, am having problems with some non-original tracks of Assetto Corsa. On the slopes that downloaded and tested, Glen and Suzuka, in Glen, the AI does not come out of the pit, everybody stopped. At Suzuka, the AI will go to the track, but only follow a line, if there is a slow car ahead, they do not exceed, will form the line behind.

How to fix this problem?

I thank you
I tried adding Ai paths to Watkins but unfortunately the bounding lines (in red) are bugged. I had the pits and pathing mapped just right, yet I did notice in mapping that the some of those bounding lines cross the track just before the finish. I didn't really pay attention to this till I tested it out and the Ai backed up like a train and stopped at this particular line.

This track (Watkins Glenn) is decent to race on, you just can't path for the Ai....very unfortunate. The fact that the GP or extended section isn't open and these Border lines aren't correct encourages me to possibly make one.

You will notice that on some quick "ports" that the person didn't map the bounding markers properly (just due to lack of knowledge I suppose).

I'm not an expert on track building but I did give a shot at mapping ai at a few tracks that lacked Ai "paths". One I've had fun with lately is Daytona.