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Enhancing GFX quality (Nvidia only)

Tobias Kluge

Aug 30, 2008
As I'm testing the Add-On tracks for NKP right now, I discovered a horrible aliasing/flickering especially on the fences in Laguna Seca. To get rid of that I tried some anti aliasing tweaks with nHancer. You have to create a new Profile and add both executables of NKP.
In the game options menu I choose the 4x anti aliasing setting, because the Geforces have a 8xAA performance weakness.
The nHancer settings are displayed in the last screenshot.
You can compare the first 2 screenshots (1st only in game AA, 2nd 8xS+TRSAA) and see the dramatic increase in image quality, which is in motion even more compelling (nearly flicker free). The performance hit is moderate, with my GTX260 it gets down from ~350fps to ~200fps in a 1920x1200 resolution.


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