Engine rpm's very high in 1st gear. Why???



Somehow I am doing something wrong when I create a wheel control setup for my Log Driving Force Pro.

When I shift to first gear to leave the garage the engine races at a very high rate. If I keep my foot off the accelerator in 1st gear the car goes very fast until I need to shift to 2nd (also high RPMS). I accidently fixed it last week but I don't know what or how I did it and now the problem has returned. Is there a button or setting in the controller page that is causing this. I have only been driving the 3000 cars.


James Yates

Feb 19, 2008
2 Things to try. First, go into the control settings ingame and set the throttle and brake again.

Second, if that hasn't fixed it, turn off combined pedals in the logitech profiler and then set the throttle and brake ingame again :)


Thanks James. I did a new controller settings in the game and all is fine but I know I hit a button or accidently did something to create this problem and will take your advice for figuring out what I did.