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GTR2 engine blow rev

I want to know if it is a bug or I just do something wrong:
for easier reproduction of the fact:

-use keyboard
-automatic changes

-select the game's auto default and Monza circuit.
- go all the way around monza ... when you're flying through the main runway do this:

-at high speed and in 6 gear
-release the accelerator
-press the clutch ("q" key)
- (it will automatically go down to 1 gear)
-when you are in 1 gear (and at high speed) press the accelerator again ... until you reach the rev limit

= blow engine

(happens in mods too) ... just hold on for a second and then explode.
This is not a bug. GTR2 tries to simulate the demage caused by overrevving the engine. IRL, whether it will explode or die all the time is a question, but GTR2 is just a game, so it explodes all the time to punish you for abusing the engine :)
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