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Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by gleidson84, May 12, 2016.

  1. gleidson84


    Guys, downloaded the mod F1 1994 and realized that this is a mod for leagues, however I would like to edit it to offline Championships, for his own use and bumping in the motors and gears.

    In this mod, there is only one file, with specifications far from real, researched on the internet, the individual specifications of each engine and created with the Physics program Editor. On some teams, like Benetton, Williams and Ferrari, which have created performance engines, however, on other teams, the engine is weak, the cars are nothing more than 300 km in the middle of the line.

    I believe that the greatest difficulty is in relation torque x power, how to correctly create a torque curve? The engines of the era, had high torque, but I am not able to create this high torque in the new engines, even putting in the Physics Editor, high torque cars are tame and with low end speed, even when I reach the marches.

    I wonder, too, about the relation torque x power, technically, because as I mentioned, I've done several torque curves, I get real power, according to the data found on the internet, but the car has no speed.

    For the data of motors, I'm using this site: http://www.statsf1.com/pt/default.aspx
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