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EnduLights 991 RSR GTE (2017 +2018)

Misc EnduLights 991 RSR GTE (2017 +2018) 1.1

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All Endulight mod doesn't work for me :/ I don't know why, I read the "readme" but, nothing in game. The 3D model work but not the function Alt+ LockNum7. It's a shame because the mod seems really great, so if someone have a idea, it's will fine =)
[QUOTE = "TheHush, post: 2989428, miembro: 423286"] No sé si soy estúpido o algo así, pero no puedo hacer que esto funcione [/ QUOTE]
Me pasa igual, ALT+7 Se ven las luces en el piso pero no en el paragolpes...
Right, I figured out that I need to add the model_replacement lines to the ext_config in the skin folder and remove the lines from the ext_config in the extension folder.
Hey Xela, love the mods, every single one is working besides your Porsche one. I placed the files in an "extension" folder, then inside of the "ks_porsche_911_rsr_2017" folder as directed. The lights work ironically, but the models don't show up! Thats the only issue as of now.

Hope it gets fixed soon!