Editing Starting Lineup in GT Legends

Is it possible to edit the starting grid for a race in GT Legends? Is there an application that can help? I want to be able to move cars around so that the cars in one class are in front of another.

Jon c

Only car editing tool on this site is Gtl xcars, which allows you to pick which cars load into game, by class, bhp and weight.

Out of curiosity I just tried this, by going to qualifying, letting them all set a time, and then pressing alt/tab, back to desktop, I changed my lap time in userdata/LOG/racerresults.txt
when I re-entered the game, lap time had returned to the lap I set.
anyone else know how? got any ideas?


There's "comparable time" (or something close) in each .car file that defines how the car is positioned in grid if no qualifying has been ran. But I have no clue about the unit it represents or how the game exactly uses it to place the cars. It seems that there's some variation added so that skins/cars having same value not always end up in same order in the grid.
One thing I've found out (the hard way) is that if you put the LMC cars and the GTC-TC-76 cars together and don't run qualifying, it puts them in some random order, with the LMC cars and GT cars mixed together. I just want to know if there's a shortcut to having the LMC cars in front of the GT cars (because, you know, it'd be easier that way).
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