Editing physics to existing vehicles

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by wildside, Apr 24, 2016.

  1. wildside


    Currently, I am facing an ongoing challenge, and it's with the physics of these two cars:

    • Ferrari F1 concept
    • Red Bull x2010
    One is the mostly admired playable concept for AC, while the other carries a top speed at over 450 km/h, and whose 0-100 acceleration is reported at under 3 seconds flat.

    I had made my decision to drop the Red Bull x2010 from my lineup for diverse reasons, but I want to make the ferrari f1 concept to carry that performance the red bull x2010 currently has and it's by means of copying the car's physics to the new one.

    The question is, how? So that's why I'm posting this.

    The only thing is, the turbo, and the 8 gears of the ferrari remains untouched.
  2. Stereo


    If the one you want physics from has a data folder, copy that. If it's only got data.acd tehre's no way to do it.

    Probably you'll need to fix up the wheelbase and stuff if you do that, so keep a copy of the suspensions.ini from the car you're copying to.
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