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Easy dials/gauges/hud Setup

Discussion in 'Racer' started by QuadCoreMax, Jul 24, 2010.

  1. QuadCoreMax


    Hi everyone,


    "Determining the XYZ locations of instruments is still a painful process though"

    After playing & finishing my very first HUD/gauges/dials for my F430 GTC, here's a little trick when aligning the needle with the dials/gauges :

    1.) Center the pivot of your single gauge (rpm, kmh, turbo, fuel...) in your 3D app.
    2.) Do the same for all other single gauges (important)
    3.) Activate "snap to grid" function
    4.) Move/snap your single gauge mesh to the world coordinates 0,0,0.
    5.) Read the values from your transformation & transfer them to views.ini file.
    6.) Enjoy a perfect & quick alignment !

    P.S.: Try to keep your gauges meshes parallel to the Z-plane (Racer Z-plane) so needle(s) won't be interpenetrating the gauge(s) mesh(es).

    Hope it helps, no more pain at all, one way of doing things....:D
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