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  1. lhovav


    Hii :)

    I'm pretty new to the f1 world,
    and i'm trying to set my best time lap in Australia, manage at 1:32:150

    Well the thing is that I watched some videos of some good players drive a hot lap of the circuit and I was found that they are braking later than I do,
    For an example, at the first corner in albert park, I start to brake at 130 meter while I saw some players brakes at the 100 meter.

    My braking setup is:
    Front: 48
    Pressure: High

    Can you help me with that please? (can it be a brake saturation issue?)
    I'm using logitech momo racing wheel,

    Thanks :)
  2. Tom Lancaster

    Tom Lancaster

    Your braking setup is fine, its what I use on every F1 game. Are you braking with 100% force before the corner? You should be putting on the brakes fully at the 100 meter board and then turning and reducing the brakes as you get closer to the apex. You can also downshift very fast on this game to get extra braking ability but that is much more useful in hairpin corners like the corner after turn 1 at Melbourne.
  3. lhovav


    Thx for the reply.
    Yes, I do use fully brakes.. Do you mean trail braking by saying "then turning and reducing the brakes as you get closer to the apex"?

    Its seems like I'm getting to the 100 meter board so fast that I'm missing the corner.. To do it smoothly I need to brake around the 130 meter.. (i have all assists off with manual and trying to shift down before the turn in point.

  4. Ken Hughes

    Ken Hughes
    Technically, alcohol IS a solution. Premium

    As TyranoTigger says above, hit the brakes hard at 100m while travelling in a straight line, Let the brakes off as you turn into the corner, then accelerate out of the corner.

    If you still struggle to get round, turn the race line assist on (corners only). When you get to the start of the race line, if the line at the corner is red, brake hard. As it turns yellow, ease off the brakes and as it turns green, step on the gas (following the race line, of course). You'll be able to disable the race line again after a few practice laps.
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