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E30 drift spares

Misc E30 drift spares 1

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Stereo submitted a new resource:

E30 drift spares - if you want your car to look worse, have I got the mod for you!

requires Custom Shaders Patch
tested on CSP 0.1.25-preview140
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Just what the people wanted, some spare tires on cheap steel wheels so they can drift more. To my knowledge these are the actual steel wheels you would get from the dealership for an E30, but the modeled brakes don't quite fit under them so they poke out a bit more than the regular wheels.

extract contents of zip to bmw_m3_e30_drift so that it creates...

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Patrik Marek

so about those Lods, this should still be possible though ? or not?
it would also be great if CSP would work in showroom

seems to work


so you couldof course insert a LODB version of the kn5 into LodB, ...but yeah, a lot of work for little gain, but great that this is possible!!
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