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Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by BattleOvce, Apr 15, 2016.

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    Hello forum
    I downloaded prunn widget sets for f1, v8 super cars, Wtcc and more. I put it into correct folders but it seems that these widgets are not compactible. I want to open editor to use these widgets, but editor wont open. Have anyone skills to get these widgets work ? (they were always awesome)
    Ideal tachometer should look like this. Do you have something similar ?


    tl:dr: they're not compatible unless you're fine editing Java, and even then, Prunn's are the only ones that I know of that are open sourced (not sure on the license, though).

    Unfortunately you are correct in that they aren't compatible, and they are distributed compiled, so they can't be edited. However, since Prunn's work is open sourced via his GitHub account, so you could theoretically be able to edit them and make them compatible if you're comfortable with editing Java. But otherwise, rF1/rF2 rfDynHUD widgets aren't compatible with the AMS version of DynHUD.

    Marvin or Marcel can correct me if I'm wrong on that, but in the process of making my widgets for AMS, I had to make changes from the code samples that come in rfDynHUD's SDK, as even the simple Hello World example wouldn't work in AMS for me when compiled from the code included in the SDK. When you link the AMS DynHUD jar to your project, code from the SDK suddenly starts throwing syntax errors in certain spots, so yeah... not going to work, sadly. Luckily, the deviations from rfDynHUD aren't too severe in my experience.
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