Dumb question : What is Track IR?

I see comments relating to Track IR. So I am owning up - I have no clue. I am thinking it is most likely something to do with VR (?). If not, what actually is it?
So, I am no further informed. In ACC it is used with VR, (which I don't have) yes?

It's nothing to do with vr, TrackIr pre-dates vr. It's a head-tracking system that is used with a monitor. As shown in the video, a camera is on top of the monitor tracking the sensors on his hat allowing him to look around the cockpit with movements of his head.
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Alex Townsend

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I imagine this could be pretty awesome on a racing simulator with triple screens
People are even using the Xbox 360 Kinect for head tracking to achieve the same results on a budget.
The Best of it is that you can use it with only one Monitor. You just move your head and the driver moves the head around too... UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT... Great!!! A cheap alternative to VR-Headsets and for those who gets a dizziness with VR-Headsets. If you once drove with it, you wont never drive without it...