DTMLeague is illigal work...(?)

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    Mr Bram Hengeveld wrote:

    "The only feedback I can give is that this mod will be deleted. Not going to host any files of a known pirate like Sandrox that hasn't shown any respect towards the sim racing community with all his ripped mods and such.

    Please next time make sure you only upload and share scratch build work or mods that you have explicit permission to use and repack. Does Gunthar know you are using his mods?"

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    With all do respect, DTMLeague is just a join of mods into one pack or repack. It didn't took any rights or credits away from de original moders/owners or creators as stated in the disclaimer. Also I thank very much to the T2L moders for the excelent work!

    I don´t know any background about Sandrox but I leave it with who knows... Mr Gunther work is not taken! It is just shared in a new repack called DTMLeague that would be appreciated by many sim racers covering the gap of DTM competition on Raceo7... Files are not piracy and if the original creators wouldn't want to share they should lock the mods with commercial rights.

    Is DTMLeague illigal work? Isn't share a good thing about this community?
    Thanks any way.

  2. Michael Dekanek

    Michael Dekanek

    I was wondering the same when I read Bram's post.

    There was really nothing too bad about this re-pack, credits were given, it's just much more simple for DTM lovers to enjoy it all in one pack. When you love DTM you're basically up for searching every mod out here and even if you do find all mods, you have to manually install them.

    This was just one re-pack of all mods with credits given. I can't potentially see harm of this...

    I am not concerned about Sandrox neither, I do not know him, nor his stuff. Maybe that's the reason this got deleted.

    Anyway, peace.
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