DTME/Steam access to My Documents folder (Problem)

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Fabio Pittol, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. Fabio Pittol

    Fabio Pittol


    I just bought the DTME as an expansion to my RRE past weekend and I'm having huge problems/disapointments with the AI.

    Although I search and found a lot about AI Adaptation, it seems to be not working here. At all.

    I set up the difficulty as Get Real, and lapping aroung 1:35 at Hockenhein the AI is always more than 4 seconds slower. Sometimes almost 8 seconds. And that goes on for all tracks. I managed to put all the field a lap down on a 10 lap race at Norisring!

    The problem is that, no matter how many races I run. It's always like that.

    While I set up a race with Corvettes on RRE, also at Hockenhein, and it looked pretty good and competitive, with AI Adaptation.

    I guess that's probably something related with my Steam install, since it is on my C:\ drive (same as Windows) along with the game's data at "My Documents\My Games" and the game files itself are at E:\ drive (another HDD).

    What do you guys thing? Any clue? Is simply unplayable with AI like that. And I really whant to keep and enjoy this game.