DTM Race Friends 92, 13, 14


I was playing solo practice and then on the standard online servers by myself, trying to fix up cars and get some good tunes/wheel set ups only to find out the hard way PC gamers have them too...

Yes in the interest of keeping things nice and polite i am only going to say this, they are like opinions, we all have one. Or in this case more than one which makes racing uninteresting & infuriating and quite honestly makes me NOT want to race (after quite literally hours of solo to get my ride handling as best i could for me) being knocked from pillar to post and left to rage in the dust is not my idea of fun.

So with that said and out of the way plus the understanding i am a fair gamer, i think its high time i got involved with the Club Racing so have posted here looking for any like minded drivers/racers who have a late Sunday afternoon evening free for some interesting DTM racing.

I have the American track pack, DTM 1992 pack, DTM EXP 2013 & DTM EXP 2014 packs....

Please give a little shout here if your interested, i wont be about until after 12:30 (Mid Day) UK time as i am out for a carvery, but will be back asap for some good wholesome clean racing.
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