DTM 2002 by Turb


Rob Prange

Turb has released his authorised conversion of GSMF's DTM 2002 mod for rFactor. Originally created for F1 Challenge, the DTM 2002 mod features all cars and stars of the 2002 season :)

Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters 2002
add-on for rFactor by Turb


ISI [for the best simulation all over the world]
Team GSMF [for this nice mod]
Turb [Physik / Sound / Technic / Organisator]
Davisfit [Betatester]
Micki [Sound / Betatester]
Max Angelo [Betatester]
Weischschon [for those answer]
CtV [Betatester]
Canamracer [Betatester]
6e66o [Betatester]
Alex [Betatester]

and to all the people who help me during the modding!


The DTM MOD 2002 and it´s content is property of Turb and team GSMF.
Do not use or edit any of the files within the Mod without prior permission of
Turb and team GSMF.

For any permission related contact send mail to:

Turb (Turb@VAG-Racing.de)

[Quick Installation Guide]

- Please extract the add-on into rFactor root folder
(where rfactor.exe is).
- Bitte entpacken Sie den Add-on in den Hauptordner
von rFactor (wo rfactor.exe sich befindet).
- Merci d’extraire les fichiers dans le répertoire principal
de rFactor (là où se trouve le fichier rfactor.exe).

- For more detailed informations, see attached read me file.
- Für mehr detaillierte Informationen, bitte beigefügte
read me anschauen.
- Pour plus d'information, merci de voir le fichier read me joint.

Thank you for playing the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters 2002
add-on for rFactor.

April, 2008
Screenshots + Download

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Staff member
Dec 26, 2006
Wow Montoya, this one is really looking good... Installing it a.s.a.p.