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DSD 12 Bit Controller, Install to G25 Pedals

OK so i have the Ricmotech Load cell on my G25 Pedals.
I have got the DSD 12 Bit Controller with load cell Amp.

I know where the Load cell goes, but what about to connect the Throttle and Clutch ?

Has anyone put a DSD 12 bit controller w/load cell amp on there pedals.

All help appreciated.
I've never used the G25, or that DSD controller - but coincidentally I was looking at that DSD controller myself the other day.

From the description: "36 button inputs, 5 12bit analogue axis inputs, one integrated analogue load cell channel with variable gain control "

So you want to connect your throttle and clutch to two of those five "12 bit analogue axis inputs", leaving you three spare.

Here's the technical info: http://www.**********************/technical-guide.html

Scroll down to "DSD 12 bit Controllers"

Then here's the wiring diagram for connecting analogue axis' (potentiometers):

Then just below that, there's a picture of the circuit board itself, talking about "Connecting shunts" (on any unused analogue interfaces). This picture points to the 5 x analogue inputs, which by default are covered by the 'shunts' (what I'd call a jumper):


So this shows us which part of the board has the 5 x analogue inputs - the area pointed to by the arrow has five sets of pins. So you wire up your analogue pots to two of those five sets (as per the wiring diagram earlier), and the other three would remain covered by the red shunts/jumpers.

From that DSD page:

"For example, if you had a connection on A1 and A2, the analogue inputs of A3, A4 and A5 would be shunted. The shunts ensure that any unused analogue input channel has zero output and remain that way when calibrating your DSD 12 Bit Controller. "

I believe that should all be correct! As I say, I've never used the board, but that's how I read it all.

Now for my question! Why are you doing this upgrade? :) Your Ricmotech load cell came with the electronics you need to connect it up, so what made you get the DSD controller instead?

I ask because when I saw those DSD controllers my first thought was "ooh, so maybe it's worthwhile replacing the stock PCB from my pedals with this?"

I've just bought some used Fanatec ClubSport v1 pedals, which have the load cell + 2 x analogue axis, like yours (the ClubSport uses magnetic hall sensors, not pots, but I just saw on that DSD page that they work fine, too.)

I haven't got them yet so I have no idea if I need to upgrade. But would be interested to hear anyone's reasoning as to why they think it would be worthwhile! (Though one reason not to, in the case of my ClubSports, is the built in brake vibration motor; I have no idea how much I'll like using that, yet.)

The fact that it's 12 bit resolution (4096 values) immediately makes it sound superior - I believe my pedals have 1024 values (10 bit). Of course, I don't have any reason to think I particularly need to be able to tell the difference in pedal pressure in 4096 steps! But you never know, I guess!
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