DS21 "Gitanes" french cigarettes

DiRT Rally 2.0 DS21 "Gitanes" french cigarettes 2020-04-12

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christoph1954 submitted a new resource:

DS21 "Gitanes" french cigarettes - fantasy livery #21 - FWD-1 car

I don´t smoke and don´t like the smoke within rooms - but I like these cool smokers of the old days, dying eather on cancer or in there race cars :confused::ninja:. And these liverys were cool too - "HB" "Gitanes" "Rothmans" "John Player" "Marlboro" "Camel" etc. etc.
I´m glad, that smoking isn´t cool anymore - but I´m a little sad, that these cool guys are dead now.
So I reminisce a little, riding these thundering machines on my PC while in real live riding my bicycle.
The DS21 is an...

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