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Driving without TC

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Max Spooner, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Max Spooner

    Max Spooner

    Can anyone help me, When I drive without TC I keep spinning out, but when i drive more carefully, im really slow.

    What can I do with my setup or my controls settings to make it easier

    I use a Logitech G27


  2. Ben Phillips

    Ben Phillips

    Hi you can do some things to help in the setup of the car to aid poor traction, but this will or could be adverse settings for a long race but could work for qually runs.

    You could use max rear camber to start with and use a low rear spring setting to give better traction out of slow corners.
    Other than that its just trying to be smooth on the throttle and not to quick on the wheel once committed to a turn, chopping at the wheel mid corner cause traction to break from the tyres, some do it on purpose like myself with mods like megane trophy but we do it to get the car a little sideways for better apex exit.
    That however is something that needs a bit of seat time to master!

    Just try to feel the grip and apply the throttle accordingly.
  3. Tom Moloney

    Tom Moloney

    Best way to be honest is to throw yourself in the deep end-turn it off and go to Monaco or similar with lots of traction zones.

    rFactor however seems to have limitations with regards to the modelling of wheelspin (in 7th at 290kmh through Copse? Seriously?), eventually however it becomes second nature to know how much power you can apply at any one point.
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