Driving Force GT noisy w/o Force Feedback?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by MorseHorse, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. MorseHorse


    I'm looking to get a wheel for this game and a few other sims. A DFGT looks almost perfect for me, except, it makes an awful lot of whirring noise when being turned. I can't use it if it's going to be that loud; it would be too inconsiderate to the others I live with.

    I've got a question for DFGT owners - If you turn the force feedback & vibration off or low, does the wheel still make whirring noises when it's turned? Will it still return to its neutral position when released like that? And, do you think that would be a viable way to play F1 2010?
  2. Jan-Olov Johansson

    Jan-Olov Johansson

    I have had one for almost a year now and I can't say I experince it as noisy. The whirring noice will be there even on low FFB settings and it do have quite loud enviromental sounds (for exampel when you drive on curbs)
    Have never even tested to turn it all off but I belive it should silence most of the noise, since the wheels motors will be off.

    I'm very happy with mine, only thing I dont like is the shiftpaddles, I think they are too small and unsensitive for my taste, that's part of the reason I still use autogears.
    Still, I think it is a good wheel for the money, there is better ones but then you have to pay a lot more and I stick with this one for a while yet.
  3. Gary Corby

    Gary Corby

    I have a DFGT and I spent quite some time fiddling with the settings. If the whirring only happens when you turn the wheel during a race, then chances are it's vibrating under too-high FFB settings. I found if you set the FFB and wheel strength in-game to between 20% to 30% then that's about right.

    The best answer to your question is to reduce FFB and see what happens. Also, this post might help:


    nd this is relevant: http://www.racedepartment.com/f1-2010-game/38736-logitech-g25-settings-8.html

    The wheel does make a bit of a noise when it rotates at startup, but if you're diving down a straight under no particular grip load then it should be pretty quiet.
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