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Driving Aids for Beginning Drivers

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by AceRFirestone, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. AceRFirestone


    How helpful are driver aids such as traction control, abs, auto shift, etc. for a newbie?

    I ask this because since I started sim racing recently I've turned off all assists, although I'm really struggling to learn the fundamentals. My difficulty is in car control in turning; I get massive understeer/oversteer pretty much no matter what. If they do help learning, what driver aids should I turn on?

    I only have Stock Car Extreme, by the way.
  2. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    Simple answer is it's all down to the driving style and lots of practice, you could cure this in
    2 hours maybe 2 weeks or even 2 months. Keep the assists off as if you wanted to join the club for some online racing they are not permitted.
    It's just a learning curve I'll just outline a few basics, I'm no expert but it should get you started

    Stock Car Extreme
    Brake before cornering.
    FWD cars : Mini & Touring cars you can carry a bit of speed into the corner & out
    RWD cars : All open wheel & V8's ect ease off the power into the turn & power out carefully

    Graphic wheel options:
    270 - wheel lock in garage (1) 14 degrees
    540 ........................................... 21/23
    900 ........................................... 33

    Garage (2) Tyre pressure's & anti roll bars , lower if under-steer or increase if over steer

    Check out the SCE page a lot more info is there
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  3. Slalom823

    RDTCC S10 Champion Premium

    I would suggest studying real life high performance driving and racing techniques if you haven't. There are many good books out there and one good video you can find on youtube is skip barber's going faster, I would recommend that one. It is older but enjoyable.
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  4. Billy Pilgrim

    Billy Pilgrim

    This, on YouTube, may help:
    iRacing.com Driving School Chapter 1: Introduction to the school
  5. monsieurjackb


    My advice would be have them all on and turn each of individually. So first, turn to manual gears, realise you are slower, build the speed up until you are faster than when you used automatic. Get used to that then maybe turn off traction control or abs. Years ago I'd try no assists and hate it but now, I can't stand using them. You just develop it and the desire soon out grows the frustration and feeling you can't do it without. I've been playing racing games since I was 7, but only with a wheel since f1 2010. Back then I couldn't control a codemasters f1 car with assists on, :laugh: now I can lap at a reasonable pace in Formula Extreme on SCE with relative ease with no assists whatsoever:thumbsup:. Of course, I'm hardly outstanding but my point is, it takes time. If assists help you to learn the fundamentals of braking points, racing lines etc and general racecraft then I see no problem with assists and no reason anyone else should have a problem. The bit a lot of people unfortunately forget is that these are just games and games are played because we enjoy them so ultimately it comes down to how you want to play so as to maximise the fun you get from them :D
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  6. Jake Fangio

    Jake Fangio
    Please don't rain pleeaassee don't rain

    That's a good reply Jack,it was the same for me.Turned them off one at a time,it can be discouraging if you turn them all of at once.:thumbsup:
  7. snyperal


    I've just started watching that skip barber video, what wealth of information that is. An essential view for anybody interested in speed.

    As for assists, I'd turn off anything like "steering help" or "breaking help" straight away and then work your way up to putting in good lap times with tc, abs. And auto box. By then you'll at least know the circuits and be consistent in your lap times. From there it's a matter of mastery. Turn off each one in turn after that.

    It also depends on your control inputs, ie if you've got a H shifter this would be harder to master than flappy paddles but both would give you more control than an auto gearbox.

    Essentially practice, patience and perseverance are the key.
  8. ouvert


    In gsc start with easy to drive cars...mini, v8, f3, marcas where there is no need to use aids...specially v8 Stocks are so stable that i thought it was bug after patch, and with fwd cars just watch for lift off oversteer and you'll be fine
    .. With harder to drive cars just start slow and build your speed with laps and raising confidence... Keep car in balance and minimize all inputs
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