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Driver swap tutorial

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Stefan Woudenberg, Apr 13, 2013.

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  1. Stefan Woudenberg

    Stefan Woudenberg

    Here my promised driver's swap manual:

    This little tutorial is about how to perform a drivers swap within rFactor2, based on build 198.

    What do you need?
    • You need 2 human drivers :p
    • Both a registered copy of the same build of rFactor2 :)
    • Prefered : both drivers using software like TeamSpeak to communicate with eachother as text messages are not allowed during races.
    • Both have setup the right keys to be able to do a driver's swap.
    How to setup the right keys?
    Start up rFactor2 in single player mode and in the main screen go to settings and than to the "Controls" tab.
    Select on the right side the "MISC" tab (see "1" in the picture below).
    Driver swap settings copy.jpg
    Choose for the "Driver Hot Swap" and "Passenger Select" keys (see "2" in the picture below). which you can remember!

    If you have set these keys, you are done and have finished this part succesfully. :)

    How to enter the multiplayer game as Spectator or Driver?
    Start up the rFactor2 Multiplayer Monitor screen, where you select your server to join.
    Select Spectate ON to join as a spectator, and be ready to take over the wheel.
    Select Spectate OFF to join as a driver.

    How to perform the Driver Swap:
    One player is driving and the other player needs to take over the car from the driver.
    The player who needs to take over the car must do the folowing things:
    • have shut down the game
    • start the game as "Spectator"
    • Login to the server.
    • Select the car where the driver is in of which he/she will take the wheel from.
    • When you are with the right car , you press the "Passenger Select" key.
    • Press "RACE"
    • In the Hud you will see "You are now riding with: ...... "
    The player who is the driver, needs to do the folowing things:
    • Don't crash the car. :D
    • when you see the message: "....... Is now riding with you" the driver will need to request for a pit stop and select the driver name who is driving with him: is riding with you.jpg
    • loose control.jpg
    • Drive into the pit and stop at your pit crew.
    • Put the engine off and put the gear into neutral.
    • The driver will see that he looses control in xx-seconds:
    • gain  control.jpg
    • The player who will take over the wheel will see the "Will gain control in xx seconds":
    • The only thing you can do now is wait till the "Spectator" gained control, as driver, and drives away.
    • The former driver can now escape and exit the game.
    • DON'T press escape before you gain or loose control. This will make the car go back to the garage and .... race over kinda.....
    • DON'T try to retake "your" seat as driver, this will cause the game to crash. Just get out of the game and rejoin as "Spectator" and perform the standard procedure again.
    Thanx go to:
    • Kevin Cox for testing and the game launcher parameter saving point out. :thumbsup:
    • Ian Franssen for the multiple test sessions. :thumbsup:

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  2. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    Axe Travels Premium

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