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Misc Driver specific livery mod 2.0

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aagancia submitted a new resource:

Driver specific livery mod (version 2.0) - driver specific skin

This mod is based on the Driver specific livery mod originally made by Ryder25 and released by Schifty031 here...


This is a revision of the mod for those that encounters issues with the one released in the link above.

The mod allows you to have completely different liveries for each driver in a team. ex. Alonso drives a red ferrari, while Massa drives a yellow ferrari.


Copy "raceload.jpk" included in the package and overwrite the one in your F1 2012 installation folder. (remember to make a backup first)

follow the directory structure pictured below:


to make Safety Car work. Just copy sc2_gen_high_main.pssg from \F1 2012\cars\sc2\livery_main\textures_high

rename and paste in the appropriate folder (sc2) as shown above.


If you want to save disk space, you may delete all PSSG files in the livery_main folder for each car.

alternate link:

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That's a setback of this mod. It will take twice as long after you press start. But everything else should work thesame as before after that point.
Thanks for this...I had tried and tried ... until i saw the high/low_00 and 01 on the end...not the high/low_main.:thumbsup: i thought it´s to complicate,but when you know what to do it´s easy...:laugh:
@Schifty031 - I just wanted to say thanks again for posting this mod. We used it in our F1 2012 league here in RD.com to be able to give every driver their own specific livery :) We also were able to create fantasy teams for the league.

I know F1 2013 hasn't even come out at the time of this posting, but do you think Ryder will be able to provide a similar mod for F1 2013? We're continuing our league in the new game, and will also be looking to design custom liveries for everyone, so this would enable us to do so.

Thanks again!