Driver rating, i.e. Why I’m looking forward to the finished game


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Oct 16, 2018
I’m currently focussing a bit more on iRacing. And as I evaluate why I race there, I realise it is mostly because I’m playing against real people and there’s a driver rating involved.
The physics engine is a bit dated, the tyre model is not particularly good, and the graphics could do with some improvement; and yet, every time I am waiting for the green flag to drop, I get excited and terrified at the same time. That is what keeps me going back to it.

I read threads where more knowledgeable sim racers discuss physics, tyres, how realistic the sim is etc.
All good and valuable topics, and certainly I hope that ACC will be as realistic as possible.

But even then, for me the online ranking and race craft element is actually more important.

I mean, I race in iRacing and the tyres there are a joke. Yet I still enjoy it because I know that it’s a level playing field and there is real reward for driving well.


Jul 29, 2011
The ACC ranking should work like that, it's hard to say based on just what we've seen so far but they've brought some very talented people on board specifically to make a ranking system for online.

It probably won't be an iRacing killer out of the box, because it's going to be GT3 racing only, and even if they start adding GT4, Porsche cup and so on it probably still won't be an iRacing killer because iRacing is pretty vast.

I think when it comes to GT racing though it will wipe the floor with iRacing, but that all depends on the user base, if there isn't enough people playing it won't be able to always match you with someone on your level.
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Apr 21, 2018
But iracing didn't start with all the cars and tracks it have now, or even the features. But in 2 or 3 years ? imagine if they add more categories like WTCR..