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Driver anger

Discussion in 'Motorsport Manager' started by RaginCajun 77346, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. RaginCajun 77346

    RaginCajun 77346

    Playing with the default game with only the "real sponsors" mod pack. Sergio Valdes and Falko Engelhart are my two drivers. Valdes is my #1 while Falko is #2. Falko is content but Sergio is angry. He says it's due to (A) A piece of rubbish to drive in and (B) Shouldn't I be getting a higher performance car than Falko.

    Here's a breakdown of parts on each car (First listing is for Sergio)
    Brakes: 54/84 compared to 41/84 (Performance/Reliability)
    Engine: 64/65 compared to 48/73
    Front Wing: Spec Part
    Gearbox: 33/71 compared to 32/91
    Rear Wing: Spec Part
    Suspension: 71/89 compared to 62/91

    So I've given him all the better performance parts so not sure what else to do for his attitude/morale.
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  2. aqueousprism353


    Generally I don't care too much about anger, hasn't affected my game too much. If you give the #1 driver better parts he tends to be content. For A, the general happiness with the car, it only improves once you make better parts etc. but even then they sometimes remain unhappy pretty much through out the season.
  3. JayOTT


    Number one drivers can be very picky about how much stronger they want their car to be compared to the number two. Valdes only has a 39 point performance advantage on Engelhart here, and with a 30 point reliability deficit too, which makes him feel that his car isn't actually better.

    Perhaps you could try giving Valdes the 32/91 gearbox and seeing if the reliability boost is enough to win him over? Though I imagine you've probably played past this point by now...