Driveclub VR announced for PlayStation VR

Discussion in 'DriveClub' started by Paul Jeffrey, Aug 18, 2016.

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    Driveclub VR 2.jpg
    In the build up to Gamescom 2016, Sony have confirmed a new VR only version of the popular driving and racing game Driveclub will be heading to PlayStation VR before the end of 2016.

    An official Sony statement confirmed the new Driveclub VR game will be available to sample from today at the 2016 running of the Gamescom event in Germany. Going on to offer a little more detail about how the team have been working for the past year to bring Driveclub to VR, Sony stated they are excited to continue the work started by Evolution Studios before the shock announcement of their closure and subsequent by Codemasters.

    "We’re passionate about trying to create the most memorable and exhilarating gaming experiences possible, so being given the opportunity to take Driveclub to a more immersive level thanks to VR is really thrilling" said a Nico Orru, Principle Programmer SIE Immersive Technology Group.

    "This not only allows players to truly feel the incredible speed, sensation and precision of driving some of the world’s most exotic high performance cars, but also the chance to race against or with one another in a completely new way."​

    Few details are known about the "new" game, however Orru did reveal the following game modes will be available on game launch:
    • Game modes: Online virtual reality multiplayer race modes and an action-packed single player career are joined by drifting and time trial challenges
    • Tracks: New and classic Driveclub tracks are brought to life through the power of PlayStation VR, including five all-new Urban locations
    • A closer look: Every car is recreated with immaculate detail for players to explore up close with Inspection Mode
    • Cruise control: A little time to kick back, open the throttle or just coast and explore any track, in any country at your leisure in Cruise Mode.
    • Virtual passenger: An immersive thrill ride through exciting replays of hot laps as players watch themselves handle their greatest challenges from a unique viewpoint in Passenger Mode

    No release date for Driveclub VR is currently available.

    Check out the RaceDepartment Driveclub sub forum for news and discussions regarding this newly announced VR racing title, and chat to fellow fans about all things Driveclub related!

    Driveclub VR 1.jpg Driveclub VR 5.jpg Driveclub VR 4.jpg

    Did you play the original Driveclub? What do you think of the game? Will you be trying Driveclub VR? Do you think the game will transfer well to Virtual Reality? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. jlnprssnr


    Will be interesting to see if the PS4 can handle it to look like in the screenshots at 90fps. I highly doubt that.
  3. Abe Dekok

    Abe Dekok

    Good to see this racer have a new life in VR, though there may not be further development on it as Evolution Studios is gone, it's good to see something being done with the title and gives Playstation a VR racer.
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