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DriveClub gets LaFerrari and a new free Tour

Discussion in 'DriveClub' started by Alex Franchini, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. Alex Franchini

    Alex Franchini


    Evolution Studios' exclusive PlayStation 4 racing game has been updated to version 1.14 with a new free car and a new free tour.

    In the attached trailer you can take a gander at the spiffy but perhaps daftly-named Ferrari LaFerrari, a supercar that us simracers have got to know thanks to Assetto Corsa. The new update for Driveclub includes the LaFerrari and the Rimac Concept_One as new free cars and also the Startline Tour as a new free tour.

    The Startline Tour features 11 events and 45 objectives, and "mainly serves as a varied and well balanced introduction" to the game's offerings and modes. Meanwhile, the Rimac Concept_One will be free to download in the next week from the Playstation Store.

    Another new feature is Multiplayer Race Replays, which predictably allows you to save a replay at the end of any online race. Kudos to Evolution Studios for constantly updating the game with new features and content - while I do not own a PS4 I'd surely love to give this arcade racer a spin, since PC hasn't seen a quality old-school title in a while, if you ask me.

    • Adds the Ferrari LaFerrari to your Garage! Complete Rank 5 of the "Ferrari Owners Club" Driver Accolade to earn access to this car for use in all areas of the game.
    • Adds the Startline Tour. All new players will now jump into a brand new Tour when they first play the game called Startline.
    • The Startline Tour is available for free and features 11 events and 45 objectives. This Tour mainly serve as a varied and well balanced introduction to DRIVECLUB and is based on some of the most popular and entertaining events from elsewhere in the game.
    • Adds Multiplayer Race Replays to the game. You can now save a Replay at the end of any Multiplayer Race and view it later from the Replays menu.
    • Adds a new Audio Settings option to change the acoustic settings for all cockpit cameras, so that you can change between internally recorded sound or externally recorded sound.
    • Adds a new Single Event option to set "Time Of Day" for a Single Event to half past every hour as well as on the hour.
    • Adds a new Single Event option to change the number of laps in a Race to any number from 1 to 25 laps.
    • Adds a new Controller Settings option to allow adjustment of the steering lock rotation angle on all supported steering wheels.
    • Includes general improvements to the game for better performance, stability and usability.
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  2. Birddogg66


    My Question of the day who's wheel works with this game and also who's wheel does not work with this game? At least for me and in my own opinion how developers handle support for input devices is of the utmost importence. To the point if the support for input devices is Half assed a good chance the game won't be that good
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  3. Blkout


    Currently the Thrustmaster T500 and T300 work with this game. It is rumored from Evolution Studios that Fanatec wheels will be patched in later since they now have a working PS4 driver.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2015
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