Drive-through, was this a bug or a rule

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  1. AlexC


    Hey, I'm pretty new to this game so please forgive the beginner question.

    I was forced to do a drive-through in one of the races and decided to do it straight ahead, before finishing the lap. I then kept receiving reminders from the crew and was disqualified a couple of laps later.

    So I looked into the rules and it's not mentioned anywhere that the penalty can't be immediately served within the same lap. Why did the game punish me?

    Also, it might have been the 1st lap after a scheduled pit, but I'm not sure.

    Please enlighten me :)
  2. JoelGL


    I believe you can have it within 3 laps (and not necessarily required on the 1st lap only). And normally a message shows up, reminding you, until you've performed the drive-through. Going past the 3rd lap will impose the penalty. OTOH, I never encountered it requiring it done on the 1st lap.
  3. Ho3n3r


    The best bet here would be that you crossed the white line on pit exit, resulting in another penalty immediately.
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  4. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    While serving a drive through you are not allowed to stop in the pitbox for repairs/tyres. So, if you took any damage before serving the penalty the game has been known to make you stop to fix it, that would negate the drive through you were trying to serve.

    Another thing that was a known bug was the pit exit at Suzuka. Even if you didn't cross the pit exit line the game would sometimes issue a penalty for it while coming out of the pits there. there was a similar bug in Abu Dahbi at the pit entrance. It would sometimes register as a corner cut even though you may be completely on the track. That could also give you a penalty.....