DRIFT 21 | New Update, New Track

The first major update content update for Early Access title Drift 21 has been deployed - adding a new track layout to enjoy.

ECC Games S.A have remained hard at work on the new title since it deployed on Steam Early Access this May 7th, and today marks the first new piece of post release content within the game - adding the EBISU North track alongside the previously available layout within the sim.

As well as new content, ECC Games S.A also recently deployed a fresh build update that addresses a number of aspects within the software, from force feedback improvement to gameplay mechanics. You can check out the update notes below:

  • Fixed a bug related to the FFB invert function for some Thrustmaster steering wheels
  • Fixed a bug where the engine sound did not turn off despite the ignition being turned off
  • Fixed a bug where footstep sounds were inaudible
  • Fixed a bug where in certain circumstances tooltip icons were missing
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to mount rims with unsupported sizes
  • Fixed incorrectly displayed in-game currencies
  • Fixed a bug with some in-game windows and sprites showing improperly on unusual resolutions and screen ratios
  • Fixed incorrectly displaying tire sprites in Warehouse
  • Fixed a critical bug that prevented players from finishing the tutorial
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to access and spawn non-purchased parts from Warehouse

Localization changes
  • Small changes to texts in Paint Booth and during Tutorial
  • Added missing translations to challenge result screen and Driving Setup subwindows,
  • Changes to texts and font display throughout the project

Other changes
  • Small changes in the way the game saves are named
  • Changes to the handbrake range based on input type and connected controller
  • Rearranged result screen window to always show information crucial to the challenge
  • Changes to decal history in Paint Booth
  • Changes to Warehouse content (removed obsolete car parts)

DRIFT21 will available on PC Steam Early Access now.

Got questions about the sim? No worries, head over to the Drift 21 sub forum here at RaceDepartment and fire off questions to the community!

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Sep 17, 2008
The game seems well done and quite ambitious regarding the tuning part (i'd like the possibility to at least get some pre-built engine tho).
The driving still needs quite a bit of refinement, expecially FFB and lateral grip during drifts at speed, but i hope it turns out nice.
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Nick Hill

Oct 26, 2013
Yeah, this looks impressive, very encouraging! I confess I didn't take this game very seriously, but the devs seem to be committed and we'll supported.

I'm not a drift guy myself, so I'd be unlikely to buy/play this, but I know drifting is very popular with the younger demographic so if this helps embiggen the racing game tent, I'm all for it. As many of us have experienced first hand, the slope from playing something like Drift '21 to playing a more proper sim is a slippery one.