Drift 19 | Now Called Drift '21 And Other News

The drifting game that isn't quite a game just had some news...

We've spoken about Drift '19 a little before, the last time in fact was to share their message that the title will be delayed from Early Access release whilst the devs continue to work on the software behind the scenes... however, that was back in early November 2019, and since then things have gone very, very quiet indeed.

With such a long silence between updates, one would be forgiven for thinking that something pretty major is happening behind the scenes, and if that person was you, it looks like you were right all along! Surfacing on their Facebook page a few short days ago, the development team behind this very interesting title have some news for us all - they have secured the services of 505 Games (of Assetto Corsa fame) as publisher of the new title, and to better reflect both the delayed launch and long term plans, the game will undertake a re--branding exercise and from now on will forever be known as 'Drift '21'.

The full statement can be found below:

We have a big update for you. The last few weeks have been very busy for us. We've focused on fine-tuning the game and fixing bugs. The work is in full swing.​
We are also pleased to announce that we have a new global publisher - 505 Games, known for Assetto Corsa and Control. It's a great thing for us to work with such an experienced publisher.​
Together with the publisher we also decided to update the title to DRIFT21. Why DRIFT21? We're planning long-term support for the game, which will include new tracks, cars and tuning parts.​
Early Access will start this spring!​

Original Source: Drift '21 Facebook

Drift '21 will release around Spring 2020.

Got questions or news about the sim? Check out the (soon to be renamed) Drift 19 sub forum here at RaceDepartment, and start a new thread today!

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Sep 20, 2013
Hope it'll have physics and ffb as good as in AC.
I have heard that devs work with real life drifters to archive better realism.


Aug 22, 2014
Sorry, English is not my native language. Instead of "drifters" I should have written "drift racing driver" :rolleyes:
No no no, don't get me wrong, my friend! I'm not saying I don't understand your English, what you said is perfectly understandable.

That was my honest reaction when I see the news about this... "well below average" game. :D
(Because, you see, there are so many trashy drift games on Steam these days.)