Dragonsway ( my first track) help.



this is for rfactor...help please.

Im making my first track. Ive dloaded BTB and really enjoy it. I am however missing, i think, some information. Since I am a rookie to track building, there are some fundamental controls that I cant figure out. I watch the tutorials and understand how to add/ extent the track but how to get the extra control nodes to add surface i dont understand...I sure its as simple as control or shift something.

Also in another tutorial, i watched how to make a fast line around the track in the start finish tab...but im missing some options. any ideas?

I have the latest version of BTB for rFactor downloaded and I have a license.



Mar 16, 2009
Hi there,

To add new surfaces click on the 'Edit Track Surfaces Properties' button, click on the '+' sign top left in the Surface Count window then click on the top view of the track where you want to change the surface. You also have to tick the 'Set the shape of the surface' box to change the shape, and do the same in the Materials tab if you want to change the material.

Doing the fast line is coming in the next update of BTB, that video is showing work in progress.


right...there are 5 squares that you can add around in the window...how do i add more squares in the line?