Downsizing or why bigger isn't better

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by glight, May 23, 2012.

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    Those of you that have seen my current rig probably saw this coming...

    I am getting ready for a move and my new place won't have the room to accommodate the rig in its current state (due to the large screens). However, despite the move I was on the verge of considering a downsize for a few reasons:

    1. Seating position with the center screen mounted on the obutto's monitor stand there is a limit to how high it can go. This meant that the wheel could only be extended so far until it blocked off too much of the screen. So what ended up happening was that I had to sit too close to the pedals for my arms to comfortably steer. The end result being that I tended to cramp up after around 1hr worth of driving. By going back to triple 24" I will be able to better adjust the driving position.

    2. Heat with the sim in a small office room, exhaust from the pc quickly makes the room warm. This was bearable when I was using triple 24" because the heat from the screens wasn't large enough to be overwhelming. With the 40" there is not much I can do: it gets hot! This only adds to the discomfort factor and really puts a damper on the amount of time I spend in the sim and how much I enjoy it. I have ignored this fact several times but find I can't completely forget about the discomfort.

    3. PC exhaust
    As mentioned above there is an issue exhaust from the PC, the root cause being the pair of 6950's I am using to run sims at 3x1080p. By downsizing the gpu to a single gtx670 I am expecting to lose a lot of that heat while not sacrificing too many fps.

    Here is what I plan to build for the new "sim box"
    Case Lian Li PC-V354B ($139.99)
    MoBo MSI Z77MA-G45 ($123.99)
    CPU Intel i5 3570k ($249.99)
    GPU any gtx670 in stock ($399.99)
    Heatsink scythe Shuriken ($34.99)
    RAM Corsair 8GB ($46.99)
    PSU a spare xfx 650w (free)

    Let me know what you guys think, thanks for reading!

    UPDATE: I managed to get all the PC components for a reasonable $1150. (case ended up at $167 though). Also grabbed a set of LG 24" LED monitors for a cool $600 delivered. Selling the current PC and TV's will get my money back and then some :)