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Downloads failing for anyone?

Lol I understand that you need ads but that's just poor execution your site is already whitelisted on my ad-blocker yet I needed to search how and what happened as to why I can't download anything.
Aaaand it's not working anymore...

The latest versions of Chrome and Firefox (and maybe other browsers) block third party cookies by default. This is for privacy and security reasons. If the playwire-cookie has expired or isn't on your system you won't be able to download from RD. I'm all for ad-revenue, but this may be a bridge too far boys...
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Trying to download anything:
Download seems to work once the functionality of making you watch an Ad first is disabled.

There are, however, still errors on the site, for example:

Broken CORS calls:

No Access-Control-Allow-Origin headers returned by a resource when making cross origin call to a site with a POST and custom header

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