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    Vaca Valley Raceway 1965

    VACA VALLEY RACEWAY V1.0 for GTR2 by RudyD (Raido)

    This is a rendition of the now-defunct Vaca Valley Raceway road course in California. It's a resurrected 'Ghost Track', a real track gone to waste, now reborn to run in race simulators. I developed it during 2010.

    If you're wondering why this track is so flat and there's so little scenery around: that's 'cause the real track was, too ;)

    If you're wondering why you've never heard of this track before: that's 'cause it's been closed and left to crumble since 1972 ;)

    It's a road course developed initially for the rFactor simulator, later ported to GTR2 and hopefully other sims. Vaca Valley existed from 1958 to 1972, as one of the first 'multi-purpose' race facilities in the US: A road course, with an infield oval and its main straight also in use as the local drag strip.
    After 1972 the racing stopped here, partly due to lack of funding and an ever more bumpy road surface. Now it's back - in rFactor and other sims.

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