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Download: Photoshop Template Loading Screen Bar Thumb

Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by TheRock64, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. TheRock64


    Downloads: A new file has been added by TheRock64:

    Photoshop Template Loading Screen Bar Thumb

    Loading Screen, Bar, Thumb, Track Logos.

    A really good Template. Just search a Track layout and copy-past into my template and use the level properties!

    More information about saving:

    You can resize the LOD_Screen.psd + LOD_Bar.psd to 1024x768, no problem with quality - photoshop render to the new size!
    Save both as jpg!

    the track_screen.psd (little red track logo at menu) edit yourself (you should edit alpha) and resize to 147x89. now you have original size in game!

    the thumb.psd (pic for informations at menu or PIT) save as tga with alpha (you should edit alpha)

    Have Fun !!
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