Double Points and 2015

I have been watching, playing, and studying F1 since I was a kid (2003 or something). It is a sport where one expects things to change quite rapidly due to its nature. And indeed, through the years we've all seen a lot of changes in F1, many of which have been disappointing.

Yet none of these changes (restrictions, slower cars, etc) ever made me think about leaving that world; it was still F1, and I loved it. I kept watching until the first couple or so races of 2014. Then I gave up.

There were a few things that worried me as 2014 was closing in. The engine sounds and the new look were causing negative comments all around. However, they were not as awful as expected (personal opinion). The one thing that blew it for me was the "Double Points" regulation. It effectively removed the "sport" quality that F1 had all those years, in spite of every other change. It could lead to the first undeserving champion in F1 history! I couldn't watch a race knowing that. That and the Panhellenic Exams (really tough exams :mad:) essentially finished it off for me.

Now, I haven't been to the forum recently. I want to ask you guys: Am I over-reacting? What is the opinion of the people who still watch F1? Also, I've heard that it might be revised for 2015, is it true?
Thanks for your time. ;)
I think the fact that lack of engine noise switching people off is a load of BS. When did anyone last year ever say whoa, that engine noise made that race phenomenal, this years Bahrain race was soo much worse than all of last years races because that engine noise, made it the least exciting race of all time, this years racing has been much higher quality IMO than anything from the last few years, DRS hasn't been overkill apart from in Hockenheim, but that is one race so far, last few years at this stage DRS was overkill almost everywhere.

Double points is though the single handed most stupid decision in history and Jean Todt, Bernie Ecclestone and Charlie Whiting who all think its a good idea should all be hung for thinking that a silly rule like that is a good idea. Noses meh who cares its being changed so they look better next year and again why should an ugly car make people turn off if they are watching for RACING!!
I'm with you; I think the engine sound is fine (it sucks compared to V8 but it's fine).

But "Double Points" is, quite frankly, retarded. It was done purely for money.
If you like it race by race, this year is actually pretty good. But as the championship is going, chances are big that either Ham or Ros will win just because of the double points, which is a pity.
I actually like the cars a lot! They are harder for drivers to control and the racing is great! The turbo sounds epic, and the hybrid technology is pretty alright. The double point thing absolutely sucks, but it could work if done right. I will explain what I mean...

In the IndyCar series, they have races of varying lengths that usually run 2 hours. Then there are three 500 miler Triple Crown events (Indy 500, Auto Club 500, Pocono 500) that are much longer and grueling than the average races. To reward the drivers, IndyCar awards double points at these events.

So in F1, if they are going to have a double points race, the distance of the race should be doubled. That would make the Abu-Dhabi Grand Prix a 610 Km event at 110 laps.
They do that at the WEC as well, the much longer 24h Le Mans race correctly rewarding double points. But in an F1 race that would be quite exhausting and impractical.

Besides, they won't do it.

I really think we should do something about this. It really ruins the spirit of the sport. Or rather, what was left of it.


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In my opinion this season is fine. The double points is a terrible idea and should be scrapped, but I much prefer this season to the last few.

The cars are more skittish, the cars sound nicer (in my opinion, it sounds like an awesome turbocharged car - not a spaceship!), and the racing has been good.

I think varying length of races could be an interesting idea, a six hour finale or something with double points (or points at the 3 and 6 hour marks like in endurance?) could work - but it's highly unlikely.

I also welcome the change to titanium skid plates. People think that it's just to cause sparks, and that's artificial - but titanium has a quicker wear rate compared to the current material, so cars will not be able to run as low to the ground, reducing downforce. This should make cars skittish and more volatile, which harks back to the crazy cars of the '90s.

Hybrid stuff is pretty cool, it's a step in the right direction for the sport. Ultimately we're probably going to see more and more hybrid/electric tech in the sport over the next few decades, so it's something to expect. Cars may not be driven by huge fuel thirsty engines, but they're still pretty damn awesome.

Give it another shot - the sport is evolving, and it's not going to go back to what it once was I'm afraid!
Just chiming in and pretty much agreeing with what's been said already, double points is retarded and needs to go but this season has had the best racing I've seen for many years of F1, so the other regulations I'm quite fine with.