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Double names/drivers in offline championship: why?




i have in custom championship some drivers, that are doubled. thus there are standing two times the same name several times in the laptime list. i only use 23 drivers, but like that there are only about 14 different ones and the rest is a "copy" of the same drivers. hope you understand what i mean. why is that and what to do?

THX :)

Jarrod Crossley

Feb 18, 2008
a few reaons:

1. If you are using custom skins and have more than one skin for a driver.
2. It just does.

There is a way of solving it but it does seem a bit long winded - instead of making a custom race within the game host a lan game via the deadicated server app, if any duplicate name pop up just kick doubbled drivers. This way youll always get a fresh field.

Mike Coleman

Sep 4, 2008
It's because the class you are using to race with has less than 23 drivers, so it has to double some of them to make 23.

Always check how many drivers are available before you set the number of opponents in a race.