Dont worry Top Gear will be back


Aug 10, 2007
29 Mole said:
Remember that episode of I’m Alan Partridge in which Norfolk’s favourite light broadcaster makes a ‘humourous intro to a song’ which accidentally suggests that the Queen is dead, something he later realises has ‘been taken a bit too literally by one or two listeners… and a newspaper’.

Something similar seems to have happened after the poignant Aston Martin film that closed the current series of Top Gear.

The Twitterers (or, if you’re David Cameron, the Twatterers) have gone nuts with speculation that Jeremy was not forecasting the end of V12 wonders like the Aston; he was prophesising the demise of Top Gear itself.

So, just to clear up once and for all, Top Gear is NOT DEAD. Unless it went in the night and has yet to be discovered by the maid…

Ha! Not really. See you in November.

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Bradley Wint

Jul 2, 2008
I think a lot of people missed it, but in the last episode he did say Top Gear will be back in November with a whole load of new cars... not sure why so many tabloids are questioning that. I think the Aston Martin bit had them a bit confused.