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Don't drink and drive!

Tim Ling

It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work
Aug 28, 2008
You'll spill it! But how many of us enjoy a drink while racing?

I know it can be dangerous. Years ago I was racing on Grand Prix on my old trusty Amiga. It was a hot summer night, and I was enjoying a nice ice cold can of Diamond White(a high strength white cider) with the race. I know it must have been really hot, as my drink somehow evaporated :p and I had to get another can. Soon after this I had to stop racing as my brakes failed at the end of the main straight :rolleyes:

Anyone else had this sort of mechanical failure after a drink or two?


"I dont have problems with drinking, I can fall over and puke without problems" ;)

I prefer not to drive after a few because it is forbidden and it can finish like this



Although it hasn't happened to me, because I don't do drugs beyond caffeine and prescribed medication, I'd like to chime in:

The mechanical failures is interesting. The way you phrase it. From just studying material on ethyl ethanol (alcohol) it is clear it alters perceptions, judgment and ability all at the same time. Several people I have spoken to ignore the science behind it and truly believe themselves to be better drivers with some alcohol in them. Truth to be told, they just feel that way, and in reality they are worse.

Myself and acquaintances performed some trials using games and alcohol. We'd try something like a fighting game, were people's normal skill was well known. It takes a lot of quick thinking, coordination, reflexes, motor skills etc to be good at this. The result was that the 'subject' would perform almost linearly worse and worse the more they had (and very little was required for it to start showing). But at the same time, they expressed a sometimes pretty strong frustration and a strong conviction that it was not them who performed worse, but in fact the (non-affected) opponent who somehow performed much better than normal.

I'll never forget seeing that up close, and actually seeing them fully believe that it was the case, even when presented with some fair evidence that they were the ones playing worse.

To end this post on a drink, I'll say that I've had some pretty nasty driver errors involving myself trying to grab any kind of drinking liquid while driving. Usually on the long straight, then not quite being fast enough :D Sometimes dropping a 1.5 liter bottle on the floor or worse trying to put it back fast enough.

Michael Lam

Oct 1, 2008
I never drink and drive, if I'm quick enough I'll grab something from my table side (I have a bottle of water there) and grab a swig before I go back out on track!


Anyone else had this sort of mechanical failure after a drink or two?
I'm crap at racing games after a drink. But I do find myself becoming inexplicably handsome and charming after alcohol. So much so infact that members of the opposite sex are often intimidated enough to avoid me with lines such as "no thank you" and "get away from me you creepy drunken freak..."

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
Staff member
Sep 4, 2007
biggest problem is ffb ejecting your tinnies from their prid of place position on yerdesk.

Grant Powell

Jun 30, 2008
Hmmm mabe i should try to drive smashed it worked for me a long time ago in a game on the PS2 where i got more kills when lashed then i did sober probably because i just did not care about being killed :)

vmagics love the way you have with the ladies bet you are real player after a few beers :D

Ryan Callan

Sep 30, 2008
I go out, I get drunk, I puke up - no problem! :D

I've tried drink driving before - it's erm interesting - and highly entertaining to the other guys you are racing with - I think! :p

I have problems with my phone going off as well - makes me jump and miss a gear/braking point! It's on silent now during races - if I remember!


I have problems with my phone going off as well - makes me jump and miss a gear/braking point! It's on silent now during races - if I remember!
Oh yeah, the phone. I've only got a landline so I can't keep it with me while I'm racing. I swear my dad knows when I'm racing. "hello...Steve, it's me...yer dad...I've got a new modem/printer/scanner/mouse/monitor...and it's...bloody windows...stupid thing...tech support...idiots..." etc. etc. zzzzzz!

Klyde Parker

I used to have a couple of drinks B4 and during races. Results were... Well, let's just say that the results were less than my peak abilities. Basically, if you want to race clean - drive clean. Do yourself a favor and save the partying for the after race celebrations!!!


Andrew Evans

man... a couple of drinks.. mebbe more... can really bring an edge to proceedings... obviously though, there's a limit..

however, the real focusing agent is a nice bit of herbaceous combustible... i consistently set my best times whilst stoned... :hippie: :flypig: :eyebrows:


Oct 6, 2008
Funny subject. I must say I like a couple of beers while driving. But depends pretty much of the car I'm driving. Like F3000 and FBMW are good for drinking and even smoke. Was #1 today while smoking ;) But I do know that if I drink too much.. nahh won't work. If I drink too much I get the 'I don't care' feeling.. and not that I ran others into the wall. Only myself and then I just park somewhere and watch the race a bit. Same in pub, put me on a chair and I just enjoy watching people with a smile on my face :)

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