Donington Park, Overrun Detected.

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  1. tornado33


    Hey everyone,

    Currently i am trying to get an old Donington Park circuit model working on Racer and consistently experiencing the "Overrun Detected" fault. I'll say it is a fault as everytime it occurs i have a fps of less than one. Beyond a few texturing issues that i think i have managed to fix, this issue makes the model completely useless.

    Would really appreciate any help and advice if possible.
  2. boomer541


    That track was made back in 2004 and needs a complete rebuild. The special.ini, track.shd and .ini files need updating and the textures need renaming among other things like resplining.

    Goog luck fixing it.
  3. Mr Whippy

    Mr Whippy

    For every texture in there that is a render/texture call, and for every DOF that shares a common texture that is another un-needed render/texture call.

    As silly as it sounds, this is a double whammy of badness when it comes to GPU load.

    You might get a factor of 10x more FPS simply by atlasing textures, and then another 10x on top of that by merging shared shader DOF's into one larger DOF...

    Ie, 1fps > 100fps might be the final result.

    The nature of the old style rendering meant that a shader/texture call was relatively cheap and so not a huge issue, but it seems on modern GPU's that shader/texture calls are costly and so that old technique isn't ideal.

    As Boomer says, any track that is made like that (old style) needs a re-work to really work at it's best in the latest versions of Racer with cg shading :(

    Not a huge issue in itself because a good direct conversion might take just 50hrs for a small ish track... it's just doing the work which really needs a good 3D app to manage the adaptation (ie, not Zmodeller)