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Does a better graphics card give you better graphics?

Sounds like a stupid question, but what I mean is if I am able to max out all the settings of my current GPU (GTX1070ti) at the native resolution of the monitor, and still get very good frame rates, will getting a 20 or 30 series card actually improve the image quality, or just give better FPS? Assuming the same other hardware of course.



Des Pearce

The game will look the same if you've maxed settings in game. You might be able to get small improvements by applying supersampling through nvidia inspector but that's about it. So better card would mean more fps and maybe small improvements by investigating more gpu heavy sampling options.
I would definetly say YES. You have always so much options to improve the image fE with all kind antialiasing options, you can downsample, some sims can be heavy upgraded with mods.

Possibilities are always given to get better image and kill your fps. The key is to find the balance between.

even the newest cards can be easily brought down under playable fps.

So always a matter of what you need to be lucky with
That's what I thought; I suppose you future proof, but if my current GPU is giving me good enough FPS at the best settings, I know I have no need to upgrade (other than the 'new, shiny' syndrome...)

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