Dodge Viper SRT/10 - Drift Setup

Jul 4, 2008
Setup for drifting on medium to large turns.
This setup requires some "getting used to".
It literary requires you to think two moves ahead.

It really likes 3rd gear.

In order to achieve nice long drifts you will have to play alot with the gas pedal and as stated above, while you are negotiating your current turn, you will have to think how you will negotiate the next turn and your exit. Otherwise you will spin out like it is going out of style.

It is a very unstable yet IMO fun setup. It resembles the default setup of the Mustang in GTL. Only difference is that you have all that extra horses to play around with.

Once you see you are spinning out of control....Good luck. There is no way to recover. If you can improve upon that please do. I am trying to make it less cut throat with out losing the ability to drift so easily.



Aug 5, 2009
how to install this plz help
Online - .:\Program Files(Games) \Steam\steamapps\Login\race 07\UserData\CarSetups\Select the track
Offline - .:\Program Files(Games) \Race On\Addons\GTR Evolution\UserData\CarSetups\Select the track
for Race On.