Do you want more mechanical failures in your Formula Classics?

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    Keith Windsor

    Just some info in case anyone wants to increase the retirements of the AI cars in their offline races.
    (appreciate many people know this, but it is useful info to post I think)

    **this will cause online mismatches, so be sure to back up the engine.ini file and copy it back into the game if you want to go online.**

    Open the F_Classic_Engine.ini file with a word editor (notepad).
    Scroll down and find the lines

    These are 1) the average engine lifetime per session in seconds, and
    2) the variation of that lifetime

    (86400 seconds = 24hrs, and 8640seconds=2.4hrs)

    So on the default setting your engines will last between 21.6hrs and 26.4hrs.

    I believe there may be other random factors to make cars occasionally retire, but in other words, with these settings, you are EXTREMELY unlikely to see a mechanical retirement from a Formula Classic race in 1 or 2 hrs.

    So, simply edit these numbers to increase the chances.

    in a 55 minute race,
    will give your cars an 18% chance of mechanical failure. This is still quite conservative considering more than 50% of the field retired in each race in 1985, but you will now see some retirments with these figures.

    will give you about 30% chance of failure.

    For full length 1.5hr races try

    which should give your cars a 15% chance of failure during a 1.5hr stint

    This failure affects both AI AND Human cars.
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