Do you grind iRating in a series you take serious or??

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Kristóf Kerekes, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. Kristóf Kerekes

    Kristóf Kerekes

    The question might not be all that clear, but let me explain. So you decided that you want to be competitive in RUF Cup. If you do only 3 races a week in the series, the best one matters therefore there is no stress about throwing a race away, or doing something stupid. That way you won't really gain much iRating, even by winning, in a short ammount of time. Would it be advised to pick another serious you have decent speed in and abuse the official queue or just simply race more on the series you are dedicated in?
  2. Stereo


    If I felt like my iRating wasn't putting me up against the right drivers in the series I want to drive, I would probably enter more races. But as it happens mine settled around the right value pretty quickly, so I only drive stuff when I'm in the mood for it.
  3. Bakkster


    In general, especially if you're running 3+ times a week, unless you're a top alien your weekly points will be pretty much the same regardless of your iRating.

    iRating does a pretty good job of averaging out to a fair points haul, so long as winning the race you're in would net more points than you expect to earn on any given week. That's really the only way the system breaks, is if you run away with the win and still drop that race.

    Looking at your results, iRating isn't going to hold you back. You're about 1s behind the alien pace, and 3k iRating is likely enough to keep you in the top split for the series. As long as you're running the top split, it doesn't matter if your iRating is 3k or 13k you'll score basically the same.

    If you're serious about the championship, run as often as you can when the races split and only in unsplit races if you will have fewer than 4 on the week (just for some spare iRating). Race as often as you can for experience, and focus on improving your pace and consistency. Racing less or farming iRating won't help you, running Ruf Cup will.
  4. William Levesque

    William Levesque

    Can't say I ever paid attention... I just ran what I wanted. And since I'm at almost 6k iR it doesn't really matter anymore, lol.
  5. Eckhart von Glan

    Eckhart von Glan

    also at the low end (1.2k) it isn't much of a concern, the system is quite good at putting you pretty much where you belong as compared to the chaps around you. In a full series like Skip Barber it means I end up in the middle grid or the top half of the bottom grid, in a one gridder mixed class like the world sports car series i start at the bottom and can work my way up during the race to gain soem iR. whatever, the system usually puts me pretty much where i deserve to be. above 2.5k, i don't really see the point of making much of a fuss, grid one forever and well deserved, too.