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Do you ever race in VR?

Do you ever race in VR?

  • Yes

    Votes: 541 36.4%
  • No

    Votes: 946 63.6%

  • Total voters

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Dear community, let's not turn this innocent question into a #noVRnoBuy debate. We're just genuinely interested if you race in VR or not :)

Let us know in the poll please.
oh yeah, would have stopped racing long ago if I had to have a TV set up in front of my rig. But yeah I would have not kept my wheel if i didn't have a headset, playing on a flat screen is a fun way to experience a racing game, but playing it in VR is an experience.
For me, VR was the best solution for maximum immersion with a small play space. I don't have the room for a dedicated triple monitor rig so a Playseat Challenge and Valve Index was the solution for me. It can pack up and fit in the closet when I'm done. Otherwise I'd be a bit torn as VR is very resource-hungry and I prefer clarity in my visuals. That being said, you can't really beat actually sitting in the car...


I love my triple screen setup, VR is too intense for me to use in long sessions. When I simrace it's ususually for a few hours, with regular breaks. I also don't like stuff mounted on my head, too warm and sweaty. For Discord I use a plantronics voyager 5200 mono headset, exactly for that reason. And combined with regular speakers instead of headphones. No matter how good VR will be in the future I will always have these demands first: comfort, no wires and a cool head :)

/end of unpopular opinion
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~35% for VR is actually a lot! Sure - this is a very special gaming community and it is expected that VR penetration is higher here than, say, steam average. But it's not too bad.. we are getting there. Possibly VR users are more likely to answer this survey however. I know I did, while I often skip those mini surveys. But even than, I am damn sure it will only grow as more people can get their hands on latest GPUs and a decent headset. I am also super excited about the next gen VR that is around the corner (e.g. varjo quality at reasonable price).
65% not using VR yet.. It could be a huge market potential. Current ridiculous mid-end graphic card prices has been my main entry barrier for quite sometimes to jump in to the VR world. I guess I'll be stuck with my 1050ti until the unannounced future :D


Bought the Quest 2 to test the water of VR and have not looked back since. So impressed with the Quest and its many abilities but now looking for an upgrade and the only reason for that is battery life. I am also a No VR NO buy sim racer because my computer set up sits behind my rig. Really sad for the people who have tried VR and can't get too grips with it for multiple reasons. And for the single and triple screen brigade i understand the choices you make but for me I'll take complete immersion over the silky smooth graphics and fps. But remember that is just me.
VR always.

My nephew first let me try VR on his Playstation 3 years ago. I tried most thing on his demo disc and was really impressed, I was only interested in car racing so I left it until last. Everything else was fine, but as soon as I tried the car racing game (don't remember the name but it was an arcade racer), I had to rip the HMD off my face after a minute or I was gonna lose it. I felt bad for 10 minutes, and I was hugely disappointed because car racing (and flight sim) was all that I was interested in. Regardless, I bought an Odyssey+ shortly thereafter because I was determined to beat this thing. I started off just sitting in the car and looking around 10 minutes, then starting moving slowly at 5-10 kph for another 10 minutes then called it a day. For another 4-5 days I kept the sessions to 20 minutes, but increased the speed. After the 5 days were up, I was good to go for anything.
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